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ARCmail is a replacement for the Unix "mail" program for handling local mail delivery. A mail router program (eg, sendmail) is still required.


  • Disposition of mail can be based on a regular expression applied to any header or envelope address.
  • Support mailing lists, including user-created and user-maintained lists without postmaster involvement. Mailing lists can include Unix group specifications that will be expanded automatically.
  • Can handle different domain names in completely different ways (separate config file for each domain), perfect for ISP's.
  • Handles mail being sent to other e-mail adresses, files, and programs in a secure fashion.
  • Supports user-folder@domain.name syntax and folder@user.domain.name syntax.
  • Configuration is done with files in a directory heirarchy. All directives in a file are executed as the owner of that file, so users can update their own configurations without introducing security risks.


  • For a user, any mail with a "Precedence" header containing "bulk" or "junk" gets filed in a different folder.
  • Internal mailing list, if anyone from outside the organisation sends mail to it, return a bounce "User unknown" message after forwarding a copy to the postmaster.
  • Mailing list, if the subject includes "subscribe", "unsubscribe", "make money fast" or "free cash" (case insensitive), then it only goes to the moderator.
  • Customer mailout list, if anyone in the organisation sends to it, it goes to the customers, if anyone else sends to it, the mail goes to the sales staff.
  • A user can decide to tell the mail router to reject with "Permission Denied" any message coming from (say) harrassing-user@xyzzy.com.au or harrassing-domain.com.
  • Postmaster can create default rejection rules than can be overridden by the users.


  • Unix system.
  • Perl 5.004 or later.

Contact info@iagu.net for further information.